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It’s Just an Experiment…Go Ahead, Try It!

A few years ago, I had a challenging idea: Try a vegetarian diet for one weekend. I have always admired people who are able to be disciplined in their eating habits and intrigued by the idea of trying something even more healthy than my regular diet. I tried a similar experiment when I was 13 – by going an entire weekend without any soft drinks or lemonade, my beverages of choice at the time. The experiment turned into a permanent change that has lasted until this day. It was a change that seemed dramatic, but after just a couple of days, I realized that I actually preferred the refreshing taste of pure water and juice.

My experiment with a vegetarian diet felt like a much bigger deal, though. I am the kind of woman who doesn’t just order pepperoni pizza – I order meat lovers. My southern family roots dictate that a meal is not meal if there is no meat in it. So to make the experiment more palatable, I opted for a pesco-vegetarian diet – one that would include fish. To my delight, my weekend meals were fabulous, and I didn’t feel at all deprived. In fact, after the weekend, I continued my experiment effortlessly for five weeks. I learned that I could do it.  I felt lighter and more energized. Yet, I did not feel compelled to make it a permanent lifestyle change. Instead, it challenged me to expand my thinking, and inspired me to eat leaner meats and do so in moderation. It felt good to try something new simply for the sake of exploring what I really want.


This week, I invite you to create an experiment that will expose you to a different way of doing things, but with no commitment to making a permanent change. So often, we feel that decisions about changes we need to make in our lives are set in stone. Not so. Experimenting allows you to experience something, evaluate how well it works for you, and then make adjustments and decisions based on what you learn.

What do you need to experiment with? Here are a few experiments to consider:

If you are someone who regularly works later than you have to, proving your value to the company with the quantity of hours you are in the office.  Make a decision to leave the office at 5:00. You may find yourself more productive and focused than ever.

Get up 30 minutes earlier. Use the time for thought gathering, praying and spiritual reading.

Rather than telling yourself you must make 10 major changes in your diet all at once, experiment with one change that will make an impact.

When you feel the urge to say something negative or argue this week, experiment with being quiet and kind. See what happens and notice how you feel. You may be pleasantly surprised. Meekness (strength under control) is a virtue.

Television, radio and the internet can sometimes serve as distractions that keep you from quality time with people you care about, connecting with yourself and God. Fasting from media will often help you gain more clarity and focus. What you feed your mind ultimately impacts how you think, feel and relate to the world around to you.

Have you been daydreaming about moving to a new place – whether on the other side of town or the other side of the country? Experiment with what that place will feel like by visiting the area and experiencing various aspects of life there. A weekend trip to a new city you are considering or a few hours visiting model homes in a neighborhood you like are a form of “experimenting.” It’s not a commitment, just a visit to explore your options.

What “experiment” could you create that will help you make an intentional decision about something you are currently pondering?


My challenge to you this week: Before you move on from this page, identify an experiment you’d like to try in the next week. Do it purely to learn and explore, with no commitment to a permanent change. At the end of your experiment, ask yourself, “What did I learn here?” and “Is there an adjustment or change I’d like to make on an ongoing basis based upon what I’ve learned?”

Journaling questions:  In what area of my life am I resisting change? What experiments could I create to explore the best options and move forward with the right change or adjustment for me? Leave your comments below, I’d love to hear from you!


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