What’s Your Purpose?

Why are you here? I don’t mean why are you here reading these words right now. Instead, why are you here on this planet at this time, born into the family you were born into, with your unique gifts and talents, with your experiences? There is indeed a reason you are here. It’s your purpose. Some call it your mission. We all have one. Our job is to discover what it is and live it.

I recall winning honors and awards in my previous career field, yet feeling a deep dissatisfaction with my work. Because I was good at my profession, the people around me assumed I was happy and purposeful. But deep down, I knew something was off. Life can have all the external accolades of success, but if there is no purpose to what you are accomplishing, you’ll feel a black hole – an empty place in your soul that wants true fulfillment. That true fulfillment comes from knowing you are living on purpose.

One day, while coaching a client who was struggling to articulate her life’s mission, a question just rolled off my tongue: How is someone’s life better when they cross your path? She immediately began describing her mission, “Well, I am a bridge builder who connects people, ideas and resources, so a person’s life is better because I help them make the right connection.” Just like that. Crystal clear. She articulated her purpose. Over the years, this powerful question has helped many people get crystal clear about their purpose in life
Without a lot of introspection and pondering, answer this question from your gut: How is someone’s life better when they cross your path?

We are all here for a reason – leaving the world in some way better than it would otherwise have been without us. The fun part is that we get to accomplish that mission using our own uniqueness – our gifts, strengths, passion and experiences. While you are likely not the only person in the world with your particular mission, you are the only one who can accomplish it the way you can. There are people you are uniquely equipped to impact. They connect with you. They are around you. They are impacted by you. Who will you connect and live out your purpose with today?

I challenge you to take a moment and answer this question with one simple sentence: How is someone’s life better because they cross your path? If you have trouble answering it, chat with the people in your life who know you best. Sometimes your impact comes so easily to you that it’s difficult for you to recognize it. But the people whom you are impacting will know. Ask them.


Write your personal mission statement.

Journaling assignment:

How is someone’s life better because they cross your path? Leave your comments below. I’d love to hear from you!

Forget Perfection!

Do you insist that everything be done a certain way? Do you have a hard time relaxing if your house is a mess or things are out of order? Do you beat yourself up for making mistakes? I’ve got a simple message for you today: It’s time to let go of your perfectionism. It may just be the stumbling block that’s keeping you from contentment and the happiness you say you want.

The quest for a perfect job, a perfect mate, a perfect life – is a never ending quest that none of us will ever achieve. It is a futile habit that keeps you from relaxing and enjoying life – and appreciating the lessons, opportunities and blessings that are right in front of you. So what can you do to tame your perfectionism?

1. Be willing to leave some things undone.
Recognize that the world won’t come to an end because there are dishes in the sink, or you didn’t plan the perfect vacation.

2. Recognize that it’s often the imperfections of a situation that foster growth, laughter and even lasting memories.
Tune in to the divine wisdom being offered to you everyday through the frustrations, inconveniences and struggles of life.

3. Let the people in your life be who they are.
One of life’s greatest frustrations can come from expecting others to meet our expectations when they simply cannot or will not do so. Stop requiring others to meet your expectations of perfection, and your relationships will be more peaceful and joyful.

4. Give yourself a break.
We are all imperfect. Even if you are excellent, thoughtful, careful and intelligent, you will do things wrong at times, make mistakes and get yourself into situations you wish you could reverse. Learn from them and move forward.

As you let go of your need for perfection, you embrace the perfect ways in which life often lines up just the way you need it, just when you need it.

Journaling assignment:
In what ways are you demanding perfection? How could you ease up and allow yourself to enjoy life more? Consider your relationships, finances, work, health and spiritual life.

My challenge to you this week:
Give yourself a break. Let go of the quest for perfection and notice the opportunities for joy that show up on your path this week. Leave your comments below. I’d love to hear from you!